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Writer and Author of She: A Remarkable Spiritual Conversation. Carol likes the beach, lattes, and yoga. Find me on


Hi, my name is Carol J Arcus. The J is important so that I am not confused with some eminent psychologist or so I am told.

I am most certainly human. But with an oddly spiritual inclination. Originally British and now very very Aussie, living in Melbourne.

I write and…

Spiritual Self-help

Using spiritual methods to change my mind

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My uncertainty arises when I wake. My thoughts appear in a queue, squirming like impatient children.

When will you decide on me, when will you look at me?

I turn to the one thought that is scrambling and vying heavily for attention, but when I turn towards it the misty…


My gratefulness practice fixed my mental torment

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I used to feel like a stranger in this country I had lived in and called mine for over twenty-five years. Even now as I write these words and sit on this sandy beach, I can hear the hum of the land. …

A true story of a spiritual encounter

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I listen to the spirit realm. I have had over twenty years of speaking and listening to lost souls. Yes, I have talked often to dead people. However, I find them difficult to speak with because of the immense fear that oozes from them. …

Experiential Spirituality

A true story of a soul rescue

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The spirit realm is a secret place. Secret because few people believe it exists. Secret because my experience is unacceptable in the western world.

My experiences with listening and speaking with those that have died spans over twenty years. …

Letting go of the past is not simple

susanp4 from pixabay via Canva

How do you let go of the past?

How can you? How can I?

All the self-help wannabe’s giving all kinds of spiritual advice.

All kinds of spiritual channellings, at one time or another, say those immortal words.

You need to let go of the past.

Geez, every time I…

A short tale about the labels we give ourselves

photka from Getty Images via Canva

I stared at my reflection.

The woman kneeling before me was finishing the hem of my dress. This was no normal dress. No pretty flowers, no silk panels that swirled when I danced.

This dress was for my eyes only.

“Can you move that piece further up, it’s really important”,

The game of life has a few rules ( A very alternative view)

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Before you and I were born... I have no frigging idea what we were doing (refer down to earth rule No 1).

But using my best guess and my numerous spiritual encounters. I suggest it goes a little like this.

We were bloody amazing, we lived somewhere fantastic, had great…

An extremely tiny thought for today

GodericBarcelita from Getty Images via Canva

Feeling smiles is a funny thing to say...

Of course, smiles are seen, feelings are just felt.. like a touch, like a handshake.

The seeing of a smile of course is lovely.

The lightened face, the moment when those eyes crinkle at the corner.

The most beautiful feeling of warmth…

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Start making space for your perfect 2021

I achieved a goal today.

Except it wasn’t really a goal, more of an aspiration.

Goal setting requires some dedication and time. SMART goals are all the rage, you know the acronym don’t you?

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

For business and career, SMART goals may work. …

Carol J Arcus

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